Oxford Conservatives

Oxford Conservative Association

Oxford Conservative Association calls on Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council to immediately scrap their plans to implement bus gates in Oxford.

The two councils have been colaborating on projects to install up to seven bus gates in Oxford despite objections from residents and businesses.

Oxford Conservatives Chairman Daniel Stafford said "Oxford Conservatives are firmly against the bus gate proposals. We have written to County Council Leader Ian Hudspeth outlining reasons why the bus gates are bad for the environment, bad for business and bad for residents.

The bus gates will result in longer journey times and increased congestion with traffic being forced onto the ring road, both causing higher levls of emmisions. Residents who have been warned to stay away from public transport because of Covid-19 and those who have no choice but to use vehicles will face long delays as they try and get across the city. Many resident already can and do make use of active transport such as cycling. Now is not the time to force those who use cars as a necessity to choose between being trapped at home and taking unnecessary risks on public transport.

Contrary to the public utterances of Labour Councillor Tom Hayes, most businesses are completely against the bus gates and predict they will have a devastating effect on their business. At a time when businesses are reeling from the effects of Covid-19, it is disappointing and completely unacceptable for local councils to experiment with their financial viability, especially with schemes that make absolutely no environmental sense. The councils are using government funds to implement measures which contradict the Governments policy to protect businesses and jobs in these difficult times.

At a time when residents are desperate to stay connected, and many small businesses are on the margins of survival, a policy that cuts residents off from other parts of the city is the last thing Oxford needs. It is imperative that good sense prevails and the councils desist immediately from these damaging and devastating plans."