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Yes. If you look at the Login box you will see a select language option.

Using the drop down menu you can pick a language and the site will translate to that language via Google Translate™. Whilst this is not completely accurate it will allow those who struggle with English as a first language to be able to view and understand the site.

This it is hoped will allow reach to a wider audience.

Posted 1 year ago

You can only comment on things, like them etc if you are logged in.

Posted 1 year ago

You can view a profile in a number of ways.

You can click on someone in the Members Online box to view them that way.

You can use the search function if you know the persons name to view their profile.

You will not be able to view a profile where the user has set a global privacy which would exclude you. if that happens you will see a message saying you do not have permission to view that.


Posted 1 year ago

No. Only logged in users can send a private message. Anyone who is not will get an error message.

Posted 1 year ago

They will see your contact and additional information depending on privacy settings. They will also see your gallery, blogs, articles and any groups of which you are a member.

At the bottom depending if it has been set up when you edited your profile they may see ProfileBook, ProfileBlog and ProfileWall.

Profile Information

Posted 1 year ago

Yes if someone is a candidate or potential candidate.

It may be some users are those who assist in campaigns etc and who do not want to share too much information publicly. Those people should set default profile privacy to registered. That way ONLY registered users will be able to see their profile.

For those who stand as candidates etc it is best to have profile set to public. This will allow voters to find you and see policies etc. Remember ONLY registered users can interact with you on the site.

Of course the choice is for each user to decide for themselves.

Posted 1 year ago

You can post any reasonable content you wish to. You CANNOT post ANYTHING ILLEGAL or which may bring the Conservatives into disrepute.

What we always say is do not post anything you do not wish others to see. We are all capable of knowing what we wish to and do not wish to share. Each person should always make their own decision on that.

Posted 1 year ago