Oxford Conservatives

Oxford Conservative Association

Oxford Conservatives have called for Oxfordshire County Council to rethink current proposals to introduce bus gates into Oxford’s city centre. A consultation has just concluded for two proposed bus gates in the city centre, with consultation due in the autumn for further proposed bus gates around the city.

Conservative Chairman Daniel Stafford said ‘This is the wrong solution for Oxford’s residents. The bus gates are being proposed to reduce harmful emissions. They will have the opposite effect, forcing even more cars onto the already congested ring road.’

‘Many residents already can and do make use of active transport such as cycling. Now is not the time to force those who use cars from necessity to choose between being trapped at home, or taking unnecessary risks on public transport.’

‘At a time when residents are desperate to stay connected, and many small businesses are on the margins of survival, a policy that cuts residents off from other parts of the city is the last thing Oxford needs. We call upon the County Council to abandon their original plans, and to bring forward fresh proposals that do not needlessly victimise residents who have no choice but to travel by car.’