Oxford Conservatives

Oxford Conservative Association formerly East Oxford Conservative Association was formed in 1983.

The association was created to serve the newly created parliamentary ward of Oxford East and the first elected MP for the constituency was Conservative Steve Norris MP.

The Oxford Conservative Association continues to fight and campaign to get another Conservative MP elected for the constituency. It also selects candidates for wards and fights local elections both at city and county level as well as promoting Conservative values.

We actively encourage new members to join and to put their views forward. We are a tolerant and inclusive inclusive Conservative Party Association seeking to improve the lives of the residents in Oxford.

For the politically minded we have regular Conservative Party Forums feeding directly back to the national unit. This allows members to have direct input on a wide range of topics. Those views helping to shape future party policy.

We have regular social events throughout the city with an emphasis on fellowship more than politics. We want people to come along and have fun and to be able to network in a warm friendly environment.

Our Mission.

To get Conservative representation on the City council, to help fellow Conservatives get elected across the county, and, one day, to have another Conservative MP for Oxford East